Case Study -> E-commerce

The Challenge

Client decided to design and build a modern online store fully leveraged on the latest cloud technologies. Main target was ensuring high availability (HA) based on microservices.

The Solution

As the solution was primarily based on microservices. Client picked AWS as the main cloud supplier and we proposed EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) as the best option to launch the services. The Cluster Autoscaler functions ensured both HA and autoscaling based on desired metrics.

Keeping the HA (high availability) as our main priority we decided Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL would be the best choice for the database. Furthermore, an Amazon MQ was picked as the message broker while we selected Amazon DynamoDB as the NoSQL database.

The Outcome

In this case PaaS (Platform as a service) was used in the main platform components. The Client can now focus on business and adding additional functionalities to the application.


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