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The Challenge

Due to an increasing number of services offered and rising popularity, the Client decided to migrate some of their applications to the cloud. The primary focus was on Security. Additional requirements included a separate environment for each service.

The Solution

The solution was based on Hub-Spoke architecture which allowed us to isolate common areas used by all environments such as DNS, IDS or AD DS. Additionally, the Hub Virtual Network was created that connected Azure with the Client’s local Data Center using Express Route.

The Architecture of the solution was designed in a way to isolate the virtual environment with their own Virtual Private Clouds and use a set of routing policies where all the traffic was initially directed to the Network Virtual Appliance.

As security was the Client’s primary concern, Azure’s dedicated Sentinel and Security Center tools were selected to properly monitor the cloud platform.

The Outcome

The Client offers their services around the globe. Thanks to the successful migration to the cloud, the Client can enjoy better performance and higher resilience.


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